Glowing sunsets, walks along beautiful canals, or an evening walk with the air full of fragrant, exotic spices. Are you looking for the perfect place for a romantic weekend away or maybe a honeymoon? Are you looking for the world's most romantic cities? We have found 10 cities that embrace romanticism and a dreamy atmosphere.
1. Paris, France
Watch a show at the Moulin Rouge, kiss under the Eiffel Tower, walk along the Seine while the sun sets - or take a cruise on the clear water that leads you past some of Paris's most beautiful sites. Go for a stroll in the small streets and alleys, in the resplendent parks, over the magnificent bridges, and explore the charming markets, cafes, restaurants - almost any place in the city of Paris provides the perfect setting for romance.
2. Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto is a quiet and historic city that radiates with the pink flowers of the cherry trees throughout the spring. Right from the authentic and unique tea houses to the fabulous temple gardens, Kyoto is full of romantic places and a loving ambiance. Osaka is the nearest airport, from here the train to Kyoto takes approximately 75 minutes. 3. Brugge, Belgium
Suddenly you're in the middle of a medieval adventure - this small scenic town, with its cute little canals and picturesque houses, is the perfect setting for romantic walks. Take a boat trip on one of the canals and sample all the delicacies from the quaint little shops ... this is where you will find the most delicious world-renowned chocolate! The nearest airport is Ostend-Bruges, but it is more economical to fly to Brussels and from there take a direct train to Bruges which takes approximately an hour and gives you the opportunity to take in the scenery.
4. Buenos Aires, Argentina
In Buenos Aires, there is a special atmosphere at night and wonderful experiences to be had; from the most incredible restaurants to heaving nightclubs that close at 08:00! - Buenos Aires offers plenty of opportunities for you to dance the night away with your loved one. You can also try tango lessons, and find small, intimate dance spots if clubbing is not for you. The whole of Buenos Aires lives and breathes for love; you may well see couples of all ages kissing and hugging everywhere on the city's benches at any time of day and night!
5. Florence, Italy
The capital of the Renaissance is known for its incredible architecture and world-class art. Art lovers will not want to leave, while those of a less artistic bent will undoubtedly still be seduced by the aesthetics: the cozy squares and the sensual statues that are the beating heart of Florence's romantic nature. 6. Prague, Czech Republic
The beautiful city centre of Prague, with Charles Bridge, the many cobbled alleyways and squares, the evocative spirits of the church, is a beautiful frame for romance. In the evening, the city effervesces and the myriad of lights illuminate cathedrals, castles and the ancient, authentic houses, lining the small, neat alleyways.
7. Jaipur, India
Jaipur is known as India's "Pink City" and it will awaken all your senses with its rich culture and generous history - here you will find ornate temples, lush gardens, impressive palaces, and lively street bazaars that are fascinating to explore, hand in hand with your loved one.
8. Venice, Italy
Steal a kiss on a gondola or boat trip on the canals, walk across the small, beautiful ornate bridges, go hand in hand over the incredible piazza…. No matter where you go in this city - you are sure to find a romantic ambience.
9. Marrakesh, Morocco
Exotic spices spread their fine scents over Marrakesh, and the scene is set for romance…. Marrakesh is also known as the Red City - the colour of love! Just from the vibrant marketplaces and the colourful decorations everywhere that adorn this city, evokes a dreamlike experience. Do not miss the big market on the main square where you can stroll around in the evening and take in all that is on offer. Marrakesh is an exotic, sexy and unique city.
10. Lisbon, Portugal
Unbelievable views, authentic and unique walks, charming architecture, and incredible alleys spanning up and down the hills, and the shining sea - all of which makes Lisbon an incredibly romantic city. At the many restaurants and bars you can hear live Fado music; beautiful melancholic love songs, perfect to listen to with your loved one's arm around you and a good glass of wine in hand. Lisbon is a romantic, authentic, and also a cosmopolitan city

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