La Vanille Nature Park in the wild south of Mauritius was created in 1985 and is situated in a magnificent natural environment of 3.5 hectares with lush giant bamboo, banana trees and coconut palms. The nature park is actively involved in conservation efforts to preserve a variety of flora and fauna that are under threat through habitat protection, captive breeding for later reintroduction into the wild and farming to reduce the demand for wild-caught animals. La Vanille is involved in all three of these conservation areas. The nature park is famous in particular for its fantastic Nile crocodiles and giant tortoises. There is also a small interactive farm with goats, sheep, and geese. Lemurs, Mauritian bats and iguanas are also found here, as well as an insectarium that hosts over 20,000 remarkable species of exquisite butterflies contains. Visitors can also enjoy the crocodile feeding show, and giant tortoise feeding, pony rides and take a photo with a baby crocodile.

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