There is a state beyond health, it is when not only the doctor is content with your state of health, it is when you are actually happy and content within your physical body. That state is called physical wellness. It is easy to lose and hard to re-attain for some.

A very important aspect of physical wellness is to take proper care of yourself. There are some key elements of physical wellness that all must consider. Actually, physical wellness is an equilibrium of sufficient physical activity, a positive mindset and healthy nutrition.

So, if you are eager to keep your body in top condition, you must realise that it is ultimately up to you to claim responsibility for your own health. As you become conscious of your physical health, you are able to identify in which ways you might need or like to improve, in order to become healthy and well.

To maintain a successful and healthy lifestyle, you must make physical wellness a priority in your daily life. Now how can this be done? Let us concentrate on the factors mentioned above:

Physical activity is a very important factor to keep healthy and well. In the old days, work involved much more physical activity, so our ancestors kept fit while working in the fields, fishing, or riding a horse to get from A to B. Nowadays, we enjoy a much more sedentary lifestyle; sitting in comfortable seats, using machinery for heavy tasks and driving in cars or motor boats to the places we formerly reached by walking, rowing or swimming. Our bodies rest, while we work, instead of constantly moving, in order to stay fit and well. So, we must compensate for the time spent sitting in offices or standing in shops, by walking instead of driving short distances, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or spending our lunch break in the gym or on the fitness track. It has become a healthy habit to escape rush-hour in the gym or to go walking instead of slouching in front of the TV, after a day at school, or in the office. Active people are healthy people, and less prone to illness and depression.

Nutrition is just as important as ample exercise! Remember the saying: you are what you eat? It is true! However, it is not only that we are what we eat, but rather that we are what we can digest properly, and we only have proper digestion when we are healthy.

Nowadays, processed, deep-fried, over-salted and sugar-coated food contains few nutrients and loads of empty calories. So, we might eat some cake and a short while thereafter feel hungry again, as the carbohydrates contained in flour and sugar give us a short-term energy-buzz only. Good food is fresh and untreated, full of nutrients, preferably bio and makes us feel satisfied and full of energy for a long time.

It is important to watch what we eat in order to properly nurture our body. A well-balanced diet, rich in nutrients and vitamins will not only satisfy our appetite, but also prevent illness and provide sufficient energy for our body to function at peak levels.

A Positive Mindset is another key-factor to keep your body healthy and well. Positive thoughts have an influence on the nervous system; preventing us from being stressed and therefore helping us to find our own balanced lifestyle. Feeling well inside our body and being happy about the way we look is definitely an important additional step on the way to physical wellbeing; as when we are happy, our body is happy too. A positive mindset furthermore translates into emotional wellness; a state known to heighten your thinking and learning abilities and enhance your sense of self-esteem. Regular sleeping patterns, practices like inner reflection or meditation as well as regular exercise are key factors in the development and maintenance of a positive mindset.

Physical Wellness is something that most of us experience in our childhood and lose somewhere on the way to or during adulthood. However, it should be a daily priority, as it is in fact the most important aspect of our everyday lives, that which enables us to maintain a happy, fulfilled and long life.

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