Leisure activities are considered time spent on non-compulsory activities. It is part of the time you spend not related to work or education, household chores and personal care, or similar. Some would say it is time spent on anything that is not stress related and/or day-to-day routines excluding eating and sleeping, it is often also referred to as "free time". Some would also call it 'down-time’ or 'down-time activities'.
You do have grey areas, as some people would categorise some compulsory activities as leisure activities, as for them they may find it relaxing, such as gardening. But within our section we look at the general terms of Leisure and Recreation activities in Mauritius. Meanwhile we will write about gardening under the Lifestyle section.


In the 18th century it was the aristocrats and the rich that had time for leisure or recreational activities such as horseback riding, golfing, garden games like croquet, or indoor games such as dancing or chess. Fast forward in time and riding and golf may still be considered an expensive activity but is now more accessible for the general population. More and more leisure and recreational activities are available, with some less physical like darts and bowling, to the physical, such as running, cycling and other element and weather orientated activities such as kite surfing, skiing, canyoning. A daytime hike is among one of the most popular choices among outdoor enthusiasts for which Mauritius without a doubt offers plenty of opportunities for.

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