The first use of Hony moone as a term was recorded in 1546. Honeymoons were intended as a way for newlywed couples to have a break away to share some private and intimate moments to help establish the love in their relationship. It was also to ease them into a physical relationship, and therefore increase the bonding during the initial days of marriage.
Of course “love” and “intimacy” are still important elements in today’s honeymoons. But as couples may well have been living together before marriage, honeymoons have become more of a break from the daily routine and more to help couples rediscover the intimacy of their relationships.
Honeymoons are often associated with tropical getaways, making Mauritius an obvious wedding and honeymoon destination.


In the past, honeymoons had different traditions
In the old days, the period right after a wedding had a different name and traditions related to the region or country of origin. For example, if you lived in a Nordic country the period was known as the “Wheat bread days” or “Honey month”. This meant that in the days after the wedding you ate only wheat bread and honey. Wheat and honey was expensive, so not considered everyday food and was served only on festive occasions.

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