Being happy and content within our bodies is called physical wellness. There are some key elements of that must be considered to maintain good physical wellness. Physical wellness is the equilibrium of sufficient physical activity, a positive mindset and healthy nutrition.
With a more sedentary lifestyle nowadays, as well as office working, we end up sitting more, which our bodies were not built for. Our food habits have changed and it contains more artificial ingredients in addition to the silent killers: sugar and salt. Our minds also need exercise and rest. The rest is most likely the biggest issue with all the noise from electronic equipment and vibrations from engines that go unnoticed. In addition to less sleep, the lack of tranquillity in our lives is also harmful to our physical health.


There is a state beyond health, it is when not only the doctor is content with your state of health, it is when you are actually happy and content within your physical body. That state is called physical wellness. It is easy to lose and hard to re-attain for some.
A very important aspect of physical wellness is to take proper care of yourself. There are some key elements of physical wellness that all must consider. Actually, physical wellness is an equilibrium of sufficient physical activity, a positive mindset and healthy nutrition. Published: 04 February 2020


Chinese cuisine in Mauritius has evolved into a speciality of its own but is clearly influenced by a variety of traditional Chinese cuisines, often with different regions of Mauritius adopting a particular style. In the south of the island you can often find Cantonese cuisine with its thin, clear sauces and delicate aromas that reflect the subtle flavours. The central and western regions favour Sichuan cuisine with the rich and spicy flavours with generous lashings of chilli, garlic and bean paste that produces hot dishes with a strong taste. The eastern coastal areas love adding sugar to most dishes, with subtle seasoning that is aromatic but not hot and spicy.


Over the past few years, there has been a great change in the health and wellness sector in Mauritius. In the old days, when someone had a health problem, they went to the dispensary or the nearest hospital, where wounds were bandaged, bones set and pills distributed liberally. With the development from an agricultural towards an increasingly industrial society, hard labour was not as common as before. People now worked in standing and sitting positions and hence burned much fewer calories; but the diet was never really adapted to the new lifestyle. Furthermore an entirely new factor came into play: modern working women did not have the time to prepare meals from scratch.

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