Mauritius is a top tropical tourism destination, with plenty of leisure opportunities on offer to suit all tastes. There are more than simply spectacular beaches to enjoy, but a rich variety of activities to occupy your time, from cultural pursuits like a visit to the Mahatma Gandhi Institute, to numerous sporting activities like water sports or golf. Eating out or going for a movie at one of the new great mall with family or a loved one is also a great leisure activity. There are also a range of events to enjoy from annually Creole festival to concerts and the like, and the nightlife on the island is increasingly eclectic with open-air nightclubs, lounge bars, pubs and more.

Watching good movies, enjoying live bands, regattas, open-air concerts and festivals all form part of daytime as well as night time entertainment around the year unfolding in Mauritius or enjoyed at one of the many venues such as malls, waterfronts, the seaside and others.
For tourists as well as the public, religious festivals and public holidays are also events that can include entertainment with performances in addition to the ceremonies. Other types of entertainment and events are Mauritius’s folk music and dance “Sega” with variations thereof that are performed at hotels and live-music venues.
The Art and Culture scene is thriving with galleries, expeditions, handicraft workshops and plenty of shows in theatres, halls and other public and private venues.

The nightlife in Mauritius is vibrant and growing more eclectic with time. Most of the nightclubs are found in the main tourist centres of Grand Bay on the North Coast and Flic-en-Flac on the West Coast. The variety of entertainment ranges from live music to international and local DJs in clubs, or bars or even beach parties hosted by clubs. There are a mixture of musical styles to enjoy, from French and English pop music, to techno and drum and bass, to jazz and traditional Mauritian sega music. There are also venues more often frequented by locals in the urban centres like Curepipe, Rose Hill and Beau Bassin that play a range of music including Bollywood styles. In the central region, in Ebene, Moka, and Trianon, there are also pubs, bars and clubs that host DJs and live music.

Mauritius’ history as a colonised country has influence the populations’ sporting interests and the type of activities practised. Football is without a doubt the most popular sport to date. The English Premier League overtakes by far its own homegrown Premier League and the national football team is called Club M.
Horse racing is a passion that runs deep with its horse race track the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere. However there are other sports that Mauritians do enjoy such as athletics, basketball, boxing, cycling, judo, kickboxing and volleyball to mention some.
Considering the nation’s size, Mauritius has done well on the regional and international stage especially, on the athletics track (100, 200 and 400 metres). Mauritius also has hosted various international sporting events such as the Indian Ocean Island Games in 1985 and 2003.

Leisure activities are considered time spent on non-compulsory activities. It is part of the time you spend not related to work or education, household chores and personal care, or similar. Some would say it is time spent on anything that is not stress related and/or day-to-day routines excluding eating and sleeping, it is often also referred to as "free time". Some would also call it 'down-time’ or 'down-time activities'.
You do have grey areas, as some people would categorise some compulsory activities as leisure activities, as for them they may find it relaxing, such as gardening. But within our section we look at the general terms of Leisure and Recreation activities in Mauritius. Meanwhile we will write about gardening under the Lifestyle section.

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