Outings in Mauritius and Rodrigues include more than just tours, parks and excursions such as sightseeing, catamaran cruises and the like. There are some unique experiences to be enjoyed like sky diving, scuba diving, zip lining and helicopter rides. Here you can find information and view feedback from others including images, to help guide you towards the right outings for you and your family.
The outings (excursions, tours and parks) do not have to be expensive, some may also be free; meaning no fees but you will need your own transport. We will also present individual activity operators as well as local tour operators to provide a choice for visitors looking for independence or those preferring to use a professional to guide them.
Mauritius and Rodrigues have plenty to offer for all age groups and for all physical levels.


Inside the lagoon left of the jetty of hotel Riu Le Morne. This wave breaks very nicely in a big swell, especially during high tide, but is not as dangerous, as inside the lagoon, waves and currents are rather harmless. It is suitable for beginners, but there are some corals underground and the spot works only in bigger swells safely from the beach with boat at the ready.


The Safari Adventures at the Casela World of Adventures provide a fun-filled experience for all ages. Visitors have a wide array of adventures to choose from and on the African Safari you can see the very best of African wildlife by safari bus, Quad bike or Segway. Adventurers can also take the unique opportunity to observe or actually interact with big cats like lions, with the experience captured by the staff on camera.
There are a host of exciting adrenalin fuelled activities on enjoy include dry tobogganing, the Nepalese bridge, the canyon swing and scenic ziplining. Visitors can also take the opportunity to take a camel safari ride or explore the rugged terrain on horseback. There is also the special opportunity to feed the pygmy hippo, colourful lorikeets or even the giraffes! After all that excitement you can rest and relax at the restaurant that overlooks a magnificent vista.


Have you ever caught a big fish weighing up to 1,500 pounds? What does it feel like to battle for hours with a fish that size in the middle of the deep blue sea? Then why not ask one of the guys from the Essex boys Marlin World Cup Team, Dave Hawkeswood, who lives for that rush?


The name of this tea factory may sound like an amorous invitation as it literally translates to ‘Beloved Woods’. Tea was introduced by the British, planted in the Highlands where the clouds that had travelled briskly over the southern seas stopped to pour some of their contents upon the already lush flora In this bygone era, one still found the time to pick charming and poetic names for places, streets and even factories!
The Tea Trail begins in Curepipe in the highlands before descending towards the tea factory and plantation of Bois Cheri and ending at the pretty colonial house of Saint Aubin, in the south. Saint Aubin was built in 1819 from timber salvaged from ships that had been retired. It was rebuilt and renovated on the same site around 1870, and again in the 1990's by an old carpenter and his family. Saint Aubin remains a fine example of our architectural heritage, preserved for future generations. The site includes a restaurant whose menu highlights include Mauritian specialities, most notably the Salad of Heart of Palm, smoked marlin, Creole style free-range chicken or in a natural vanilla (grown on the estate) sauce, and coconut mousse. To top off the day, visit the Maison du Rhum where a traditional rum tasting is a must.


Domaine des Aubineaux is the name of the family estate built in 1872 that has been transformed into a museum. It is the starting point of the Tea Trail. The guided tour will reveal sumptuous items of furniture dating back from the era of the East India Company. Take a stroll through the Garden of Camphor Trees with its exotic plants and trees endemic to the island and return to the cosiness of the Tea Rooms, that have been set up in the former Billiards Room, for the ritual of morning tea. From there, you are taken to Bois Cheri (which literally translates to ‘Beloved Woods’), for a guided tour of the factory and of the Tea Museum that ends with a delicious tasting session at the Chalet.

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