Mauritius being a blend of cultures has a very diverse clothing style. Creators have however, long remained unknown in the fashion industry in Mauritius. The emergence of a new generation of creators gave a new configuration to the local fashion. These young designers have begun to develop their own style.
Fashion has evolved in Mauritius with the rise of young designers but also with the arrival of brands, the creation of fashion schools that reveal talents every year, the foundation of fashion magazines, photography and other fashion actors, such as hairdressers and makeup artists. Tourism has also impacted the industry with beachwear along with the omnipresent souvenir t-shirt, that today has given fuel to local brands with one of the best known being Peace Angel, popular with both tourists and the local population.


Fashion, beauty and personal care are not new concepts. Mauritius developed the economic pillars Tourism and Textiles, and with both it was like a wakeup call to a sleeping tropical island.

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