Mauritius is a well-known tourist destination, famous for its pristine beaches and is considered to be one of the jewels of the Indian Ocean. Thousands of tourists flock to Mauritius each year, attracted by the ambient tropical climate, the beautiful beaches and the breath-taking natural environment. The island’s hotels are known for the quality service they provide, and year after year they feature highly in the rankings of the best hotels in the world. Now with more airlines serving the island than ever before, it is even easier for visitors to reach this gem in the Indian Ocean.

Due to the fact that tourism has become vital for Mauritius’s economy it is important that the government and the industry is committed to making a low impact on the environment and being sustainable for local culture. In addition sustainable tourism helps to protect and preserve the natural environment through activities such as eco-tourism. Sustainable tourism also ensures that development is a positive experience for local people, tourism companies, and tourists themselves. Eco-tourism can be defined as a sub-category of sustainable tourism.
Sustainable travel goes in both directions, when Mauritians plan to travel, even to neighbouring islands like Rodrigues, Reunion and Seychelles, they should be encouraged to not harm the natural and cultural environments.

Outings in Mauritius and Rodrigues include more than just tours, parks and excursions such as sightseeing, catamaran cruises and the like. There are some unique experiences to be enjoyed like sky diving, scuba diving, zip lining and helicopter rides. Here you can find information and view feedback from others including images, to help guide you towards the right outings for you and your family.
The outings (excursions, tours and parks) do not have to be expensive, some may also be free; meaning no fees but you will need your own transport. We will also present individual activity operators as well as local tour operators to provide a choice for visitors looking for independence or those preferring to use a professional to guide them.
Mauritius and Rodrigues have plenty to offer for all age groups and for all physical levels.

Mauritius is mostly known as a five star beach resort destination, something that the government supported for decades, while informal tourism developed alongside. Studios, apartments and villas, form part of a new strategy that includes traditional concepts (lodges, guest houses etc.) and new concepts such as IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme) that are now part of the promotion of Mauritius and Rodrigues.
There is nothing wrong with staying at a luxury hotel with their numerous facilities and services. However, there is a downside when booking a hotel on an all-inclusive basis, as most visitors miss out on the real Mauritius or Rodrigues. Consider mixing it up a bit with a stay in a lodge or a self-drive trip with several different types’ of accommodation.
You may also consider contacting a local tour operator for assistance.

Mauritius has a bit of everything, from nature to history and culture. Some aspects are unique in the world including endemic birds and plants, the oldest horse race track in the Southern Hemisphere and the largest Hindu pilgrimage outside India, “Maha Shivaratri”.
There are more historical sites such as the museum for the Blue Penny post stamp, the UNESCO World Heritage sites Le Morne and Aapravasi Ghat. Nature sites include Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve, Valley de Ferney and Black River Gorges National park. There are also cultural sites such as the Rault Biscuit Factory, the Jummah mosque and markets places in Port Louis. In other words, there many places of interest on the island of Mauritius!
On the less well-known sister island Rodrigues, visitors should consider visiting Port Mathurin, Ile aux Cocos and Caverne Patate.

With a well-developed tourism sector Mauritians benefit from daily flights to four continents, but you do not have to travel far to encounter great wonders of the world, whether created by nature or man-made. Just consider the region of the South-west Indian Ocean and countries such a Madagascar, South Africa, Mozambique or island nations such as Reunion, Seychelles or our own sister island Rodrigues – all destinations that you ought to include on your travel wish list.
Mauritius has numerous travel agencies that offer flight tickets and package tours, and it can be beneficial to use their services considering their knowledge and the availability of special offers. If you are the type of person that likes to plan your vacation yourself and book your own flight tickets, you can do that directly with the many airlines that service Mauritius.

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