Buying or building your own home is a lifestyle choice. The perfect home may not be about luxury, but location (countryside) or the environment even (energy saving). The choice of decor, landscaping and appliances are part of one’s lifestyle.
Your home can be a place to raise your children with some green spaces nearby or a garden, and somewhere close to their educational institution like an apartment in the city.
Starting a family is also a lifestyle choice, planned or not. Your decision to raise them with a focus on their health (body and soul), while catering to their physical and emotional needs, or teaching them the value of money by having them earn their pocket money and save up, are also lifestyle choices.
We will showcase the different aspects of the family and home so you can debate and challenge these lifestyle choices.


With new habits you can do a lot to reduce your daily water consumption in the bathroom. The vast majority of our daily water use occurs in the bathroom. It is here that we take a shower, brush our teeth, wash our hands and use the toilet. So looking at it with our water-saving glasses on, there are many things to optimise - for the benefit of the environment and the money saved.

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