Green living is also known as sustainable living practice, a way to reduce the demand on natural resources and reduce the impact on nature through recycling. One example is the plastic we have been using without considering what happens after discarding it, only to hear that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish; that is if we continue as we are doing. This demands changes in consumer behaviour, as we have started to by choosing to purchase and eat more ecological food. Also farmers are looking at other production methods i.e. permaculture (a concept developed in 1978), which can also be applied in our own gardens.

Green living also applies to fashion and beauty i.e. which brands support natural dyes or chemical free beauty products. We will try to shed light on these issues and provide a guide to help us all live more sustainably.


Africans have discovered a plant which is an important source of energy. It was before thought to be a worthless bush and has now been named Jatropha Circas, the Cinderella plant. Studies have shown that Jatropha oil burns with one fifth the carbon emission of fossil fuels. What are we not doing to protect our surroundings?

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