As an online magazine it is only natural that we feature a section focusing on everything from electronic devices, smart gadgets and the latest tech trends. We also cover all mobile, products and services based on applications, and tech-related news, tips, tricks and reviews, with everything presented in a jargon-free, easy to understand format. We are interested in tech and it is fun to keep track of what is going on in the tech-world. “When is the new iPhone being released?” Or “When will self-driving cars be available on the mass market?” So check in here often to find articles like tech guides, useful reviews, comparisons of mobile phones, fun tech experiences, the latest gadgets on the market, and much more. We will also look at the interaction between technology and people.


Here are three alternative ethical search engines to choose from despite general use advert blockers, added filters and proxy detours, Google have found a way to track my exact search history and to build up a profile on me. Even I was not logged in, and strived to create a private opinion bubble around me and my searches; Google had clearly registered me anyway. However, there was a difference when I used a different browser than Chrome on my pc. As it is unclear what data from our Google searches is being used for, it is good that there are alternatives that you will find below. These search engines are doing more to protect your privacy.


Technology affects all aspects of our life, health, education, business and government. Following the latest technological developments and trends can help companies to up their game and create new business opportunities. Government can provide better and faster services to the population, education institutions can facilitate the learning process, and complicated operations, such as neurological ones, are made easier with technological tools. All of which is great until greed, corruption and power (a.k.a. The forces of evil) get involved, the latest example of which being the Cambridge Analytica data scandal involving Facebook – or closer to home the government portal that cost over MUR 50 million!

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