Romance is essential on many an occasion such as a marriage proposal, a wedding, a honeymoon, or an anniversary or a simple date night!. One aspect that links them all is the need for the perfect venue – a romantic place! Who does not love a Candlelight Dinner? Somehow McDonald’s does not provide quite the right ambience, so we have some alternative suggestions!
If you are living in or visiting Mauritius and Rodrigues you may be looking to plan a wedding or a romantic evening and need a few of ideas, and knowing the islands well, we have plenty!
If you want to arrange a couples’ massage for Valentine’s – we can point you in the direction of the perfect spa for you. Planning a sunset wedding or looking for the perfect proposal spot - but not sure whether to chose the beach or a catamaran? Do not worry, we will publish articles, pictures, videos and lists of romantic places to help make the choice easier!


Glowing sunsets, walks along beautiful canals, or an evening walk with the air full of fragrant, exotic spices. Are you looking for the perfect place for a romantic weekend away or maybe a honeymoon? Are you looking for the world's most romantic cities? We have found 10 cities that embrace romanticism and a dreamy atmosphere.

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