Lifestyle is the interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of an individual, group, or culture. Naturally in an island environment there are different lifestyles when compared to those of a continental metropolis. Overall, whether they be rural, urban, within a continental area or on an island, lifestyles are also impacted by which neighbourhood one resides in, or our ethnic background, as it determines the type of lifestyles available to, and the influence of, a person, such as a rural fisherman village vs urban villa residence. For example living on an island, swimwear, fashion and surf culture or lifestyles are often present.
As an online magazine we aim to bring lifestyle related articles on family, green living, fashion and tech trends to the people of Mauritius with a bit of island pizzazz.

Mauritius being a blend of cultures has a very diverse clothing style. Creators have however, long remained unknown in the fashion industry in Mauritius. The emergence of a new generation of creators gave a new configuration to the local fashion. These young designers have begun to develop their own style.
Fashion has evolved in Mauritius with the rise of young designers but also with the arrival of brands, the creation of fashion schools that reveal talents every year, the foundation of fashion magazines, photography and other fashion actors, such as hairdressers and makeup artists. Tourism has also impacted the industry with beachwear along with the omnipresent souvenir t-shirt, that today has given fuel to local brands with one of the best known being Peace Angel, popular with both tourists and the local population.

Buying or building your own home is a lifestyle choice. The perfect home may not be about luxury, but location (countryside) or the environment even (energy saving). The choice of decor, landscaping and appliances are part of one’s lifestyle.
Your home can be a place to raise your children with some green spaces nearby or a garden, and somewhere close to their educational institution like an apartment in the city.
Starting a family is also a lifestyle choice, planned or not. Your decision to raise them with a focus on their health (body and soul), while catering to their physical and emotional needs, or teaching them the value of money by having them earn their pocket money and save up, are also lifestyle choices.
We will showcase the different aspects of the family and home so you can debate and challenge these lifestyle choices.

Green living is also known as sustainable living practice, a way to reduce the demand on natural resources and reduce the impact on nature through recycling. One example is the plastic we have been using without considering what happens after discarding it, only to hear that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish; that is if we continue as we are doing. This demands changes in consumer behaviour, as we have started to by choosing to purchase and eat more ecological food. Also farmers are looking at other production methods i.e. permaculture (a concept developed in 1978), which can also be applied in our own gardens.
Green living also applies to fashion and beauty i.e. which brands support natural dyes or chemical free beauty products. We will try to shed light on these issues and provide a guide to help us all live more sustainably.

As an online magazine it is only natural that we feature a section focusing on everything from electronic devices, smart gadgets and the latest tech trends. We also cover all mobile, products and services based on applications, and tech-related news, tips, tricks and reviews, with everything presented in a jargon-free, easy to understand format.
We are interested in tech and it is fun to keep track of what is going on in the tech-world. “When is the new iPhone being released?” Or “When will self-driving cars be available on the mass market?” So check in here often to find articles like tech guides, useful reviews, comparisons of mobile phones, fun tech experiences, the latest gadgets on the market, and much more. We will also look at the interaction between technology and people.

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