An interview with managing director Marie Dominique Lolotte of Lolotte Rental and Tours (LRT) on the subject travelling to Mauritius and getting married, known as Destination Weddings.
Can we get married in Mauritius? LRT offers you a wide choice of exotic locations for your wedding, including a sunset wedding on a catamaran combined with romantic nights under the stars on aM
catamaran, or an underwater ceremony in a submarine or while scuba diving, or on a small island in the lagoon, are just some of the many options available.
Of course we can also arrange weddings on the premises of a hotel of your choice with candlelight dinner, a big banquet or other interesting nature locations.
Note that regardless of whether the wedding is a civil or a religious ceremony, there are formalities to consider.

What is needed to get married in Mauritius?
There are some wedding formalities to consider, which we also take care of.
The most important facts about these formalities, documents and processing time are:
For civil marriages, we recommend submitting the following documents a minimum of four weeks before the date of your proposed marriage:
1. 2 photocopies of each birth certificate drawn up in English or French
2. 2 photocopies of each passport (the first 3 pages only)
3. Any other documents relating to divorce, widow/ widower status or change of name.
4. A certificate of non- citizenship and non-residency is issued to the parties upon arrival in Mauritius after verification of their passports.
The parties will also be required to swear an affidavit before the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court in this regard.
5. The marriage will be conducted by the District Civil Status Officer
What happens if we forget to submit the documents?
It is impossible to arrange a wedding without the required documents. LRT can of course take care of the arrangements. The marital status however will not be legal and the marriage therefore not be officially recognized.
Do we need to carry all the documents with us to Mauritius?
It is vital that you carry the ORIGINALS of all those documents you have had to submit 4 weeks prior to your departure with you.
What if we want a religious ceremony?
Any religious ceremony can be arranged whether it be Christian, Hindu or another religion. Please note though, that such arrangements take longer to prepare and that additional documents are required.
Do I need both divorce papers if I have been divorced twice?
Only the latest divorce decree is required.
Can we get married on the beach?
Yes, most hotels in Mauritius offer beach weddings. Weddings outside the hotel can be arranged too. However, please note that such weddings, especially on islands, require a lot of planning and are sometimes challenging to organise.
What is the minimum stay before we can get married?
The minimum duration of stay required in Mauritius is 3 working days.
Can we pre-book the hairdresser?
Yes, but in some cases prepayment is required.
How can I travel with my wedding dress?
Because of limited aircraft space; most airlines recommend that the dress be checked-in together with your baggage. So ask your dressmaker about the best available packaging.
What happens after we arrive in Mauritius?
You will discuss the wedding formalities with the LRT representative at your hotel, on the day after your arrival. If the wedding is arranged at your hotel, their representative will be present as well. Nonetheless, the representative of LRT is the main coordinator.
What are the procedures after we have talked to the LRT coordinator and the hotel representative?
On the next day, LRT takes you to the Civil Status office in Port Louis where you will sign the Non citizenship and Non Residency waiver. Afterwards you will meet a lawyer and sign an affidavit, which will be sworn in at the Supreme Court. On the same day you will be introduced to the Civil Status Officer, who will perform the marriage ceremony.
What are the duties of the Civil Status Officer before your marriage?
He is to explain the Mauritian laws about marriage and the wedding ceremony and will take note of any conditions under which you may wish to marry. He will record your wedding documents and reconfirm the wedding date and time.
What time will the wedding take place?
We recommend mid-afternoon as this allows ample time for photographs. The ceremony normally lasts about an hour.
What exactly happens on the big day?
A member of the hotel staff assists the bride with her preparations. Then the ceremony takes place. It is followed by a toast and the cutting of the wedding cake. Additional photographs can be taken by the beach, in the garden or in the surroundings.
In how many languages can a wedding ceremony be performed in Mauritius?
Officially the wedding ceremony is performed in English and French. If the couple does not understand those two languages, LRT can arrange an interpreter for an extra fee.
What about the vows during the wedding ceremony?
The Civil Status Officer will provide the written vows.
May the couple say their own vows?
Yes, they can but they need to inform the Civil Status Officer beforehand.
What happens after the wedding ceremony is over?
The Civil Status Officer will hand over the wedding certificate to the couple.
What happens if we change the wedding date after it has been confirmed - or if we cancel the wedding?
A wedding cancellation charge equivalent to the deposit paid will apply.
Does LRT arrange any insurance?
No, you need to arrange that yourself.
What happens if it is raining on the wedding day?
A pavilion or other covered venue is normally available at the hotel. However, at least a few hours' notice will be required by the hotel for a change of location.
Wedding arrangements outside the hotel will need to take weather changes into account.
When will we receive our wedding certificate?
In general it will be handed over to you by the Civil Status Officer right after the ceremony. For a handling fee LRT can arrange the certificate to be posted by the Prime Minister’s office.
Is it necessary to register the wedding after our return?
It is advisable for the couple to check with their local authorities whether this has been done.
Is this marriage recognised by international law around the world?
All marriages conducted by the Civil Status Office in Mauritius are recognised worldwide.

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