Enjoying a privileged but isolated location, far away from smog and pollution, kissed by the tropical sun and caressed by the trade winds, Mauritian flowers have got an incredible healing potential! This Flower Power can be attributed to the fact that in this rare climate some very special plants developed throughout the millennia and at one point, most plants that grew on Mauritius were endemic and unique. Alas, they were of little value to the conquerors and soon vastly replaced by edible and cultivated species from all over the world. Today, the endemic flowers of the Mascarene islands are rare gems which need to be protected.
Throughout the ages, a few dedicated healers and experts studied and explored the beneficial qualities of native plants and flowers. But it is only recently that, fostered by the development of the spa-industry and the bio- and nature-movement, a virtual renaissance concerning natural health and wellness has taken place.

Although mentioned in ancient scriptures and depicted in murals as far back as in Pharaonic Egypt, Flower Essences have only been rediscovered a hundred years ago by pioneer
Dr Edward Bach and are today a presence to reckoned with in the holistic health sector.
Containing the vibrations of flowers, these natural elixirs are great teachers to help balance body, mind and soul!
Made from local Mauritian flowers, some of them endemic and rare, the NaturEssences bring a new dimension of relaxation and bliss to the island. Flower elixirs like NaturEssences or CORESSENCES (produce by TropicElixirs) feature as exotic and efficient part of treatments in spas and wellness centres - together with naturally made tisanes, creams, scrubs, essential oils as well as coconut oil. Flower essence consultations enable clients to have their personalised flower elixir mixed by trained therapists, whereas the single bottles and sprays can be obtained in spas and health shops around the island.

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